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  1. Please add 6 months later back in, this was my favourite mode! Starting near Winter with little food and less loot is a nice challenge. Perhaps with less zombies than build 40's 6 months later; because of the increased difficulty.
  2. I noticed in your image that it says Tilesets and not Furniture. Then I noticed that I was looking in the Furniture tab. I didn't initially see any difference, until you prompted me. When I select Tilesets, they're in there, along with other stuff that I'm missing Thanks for the help fellow.
  3. As you can see, it shows the railings empty or with ????. It only does it with these and a few other tiles. Everything else is tickety-boo.
  4. I'm trying to make fencing at the top of a staircase (or rails) to protect the player from falls. But I've noticed no fence walls or fencing anywhere in the tiles and furniture window. Been looking for 1~2 hours (The tileset I'm using is Tiles-Nov-20-2017.zip, CRC32 of A14E6270). I'm sure I'm missing other things too, such as bottle racks for the bar area. I honestly can't believe how long it takes to make a building. Must've taken me 2-3 hours just to make a bar. I'm sure you get faster with experience, but wow.
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