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  1. unbirthday

    Fence / Fencing in Building Editor

    I noticed in your image that it says Tilesets and not Furniture. Then I noticed that I was looking in the Furniture tab. I didn't initially see any difference, until you prompted me. When I select Tilesets, they're in there, along with other stuff that I'm missing Thanks for the help fellow.
  2. unbirthday

    Fence / Fencing in Building Editor

    As you can see, it shows the railings empty or with ????. It only does it with these and a few other tiles. Everything else is tickety-boo.
  3. unbirthday

    Fence / Fencing in Building Editor

    I'm trying to make fencing at the top of a staircase (or rails) to protect the player from falls. But I've noticed no fence walls or fencing anywhere in the tiles and furniture window. Been looking for 1~2 hours (The tileset I'm using is Tiles-Nov-20-2017.zip, CRC32 of A14E6270). I'm sure I'm missing other things too, such as bottle racks for the bar area. I honestly can't believe how long it takes to make a building. Must've taken me 2-3 hours just to make a bar. I'm sure you get faster with experience, but wow.