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  1. Yes it eliminates freezing of the game every few seconds.
  2. Same issue here and im using the xonar u7 card.
  3. yea this build is better in fps when driving around towns( mostly westpoint) but theres still micro stuttering present. And it gets worse the more zombies you drive past until it start to freezing for a second. When i leave the city its still present but not so strong. Only thing that helps is reloading save. It seems when theres a specific number of zombies on screen the game starts lagging a bit, but as KinaUndead said fps stays the same or drops for just a small amount. Havent tried with no zombies yet. Oh and i had to disable 3d models on corpses and zombies or the stuttering is even worse and is the same as before the optimization fixes. And yea the bonfires also dont work for me too.
  4. I dont know why but every time i open my main inventory my fps drops to 12 and the game starts freezing. Bags and other containers work ok , with no problems. I also tried it with no mods enabled and always a fresh game but the problem is still there.
  5. About the ignition failure. Always check your car battery, even if it says 100%, click on it and check if it has power in it. For me it always says they have 0%remaining but the health of battery is 100%. And after i replace them the ignition failure is gone. Idk if thats a bug or intentional but even if i set the car condition to very high all cars have depleted batteries and in consequence get ignition failure on all of them. If you cant find a good battery use necroforge to spawn one for yourself.
  6. I also get the save bug on new and old save games. Its making build 27 unplayable cause you cant save the game in any way even by quitting game i get a crash. They should make build 26 available to download in steam so we can atleast use the last good build.
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