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  1. Hi, I hope to be in the right section. Problem for build wagon. When makes oil planks for wagon, wooden trough with vegetable oils and 8 planks must be kept in inventory. if left on the ground wooden trough not fully drain forcing you to build another. In any case I really appreciated the new difficulty of this crafting. Hard times for thieves finally!!
  2. Hi, I think I've found a bug: when finished cooking, if taken object cooked in inventory, object disappears. Going out and coming back in the game object appears in place of cooking but still to be cooked. It only happens if I use pots or cooking containers. I also have trouble making "Cook Blue Meth": I have all the ingredients, advanced laboratory and level required, all lit up in the menu, but it does not allow me to do the crafting. Something may be wrong? Something is missing? Last thing: In Glassworking if selected one as the preferred mark all the items craftables. Thanks for your great work.
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