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  1. I thought about heat tolerance as well, but heat isn't really a problem in Zomboid as it stands. Maybe if they add the possibility of heat waves (cold snaps would be cool too) it might be.
  2. Now that the clothing insulation and body temperature system is getting more fleshed out maybe it's time to add some traits related to this? My body (in real life) happens to be very effective at generating heat and tolerating cold, and it would be nice to be able to be more cold tolerant in the game as well. Since most positive traits in game has a negative counterpart we should probably also have a "sensitive to cold" trait that makes you really have to bundle up if you don't want to freeze once it gets a bit nippy. How many points they should be worth is up in the air, but I would say about 4 or so, depending on how much of an effect they would have. Thoughts?
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