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  1. Hypocondriac killed me too after a scratch. And it only took about half a day ingame from the scratch and my death. It seems a bit overtuned tbh.
  2. I like this, especially the cooking part. Cooking well really needs to be more rewarding than it currently is. Maybe make the positive moodles into a separate suggestion?
  3. Not being able to repair it is fine for the reasons you give. But then you should be able to recover the weapon attached. It makes no sense for it not to be, unless for balancing reasons I guess. But the way it is set up right now makes it a big waste to ever make a spear out of a hunting knife when a screwdriver or kitchen knife works just as fine and are much less rare.
  4. Okay, I've tried shouting closer than 4 tiles and it still didn't make the zombie react. But I'll try reinstalling then I guess.
  5. That works for you? For me shouting with Q does ansolutely nothing. The text still pops up with "Hey there!" etc, but it doesn't attract zombies at all. Not even from almost point blank.
  6. Is it possible? It doesn't seem to be. Or at least the weapon you add on to the spear should be removable after it breaks. It seems really odd to me that you can put a 100% condition hunting knife to a stick with some duct tape and when the spear breaks (very quickly, I might add) the whole thing is ruined and you can't repair it or get your knife back. I wouldn't expect a flimsy spear to last very long, that much makes sense. But it makes 0 sense for the weapon you added to said flimsy spear to be unrecoverable. In another survival game I enjoy (Neo Scavenger) if you create a spear, it's the condition of the lowest health part that decides the condition of the spear itself, and when it does you get the parts back that didn't break (with lowered condition depending on use). I would like to see the same thing in PZ.
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