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  1. Zomboid Down Under - A small Australian Non-PVP server Server Information: ZDU IP: ----------------------Port: 16261----------------------Player Slots: 10Version: Build 30---------------------- After extensive searching trying to find a decent Australian server to play on, I have decided to create my own server for several Aussies to be able to play on, it's open to anyone who wants to join, although there is no item-stealing or destroying/sabotaging players hard work that they have put into their base. I will be checking on the server and restarting when it needs to be or when the ping spikes get too bad. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mods & How to installI have implemented CraftHelper into the server as it is a very helpful tool while playing PZ, especially for new players, the dropbox link for the exact version this server uses is below: http://adf.ly/w7SVA Seeing as you cannot join the server if you don't have the required mods I have left just this 1, to install it just go to your C:\Users\'User'\Zomboid folder and unzip the 'CraftHelper' mod from the above link, then just simply copy the CraftHelper folder into your mods folder, then start up the game, go into 'Mods' and double click to activate. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As for the connection/ping, I cannot promise that it will always be green, but most of the time it should be. All I ask is that you give it a try, and have fun!
  2. I was just wondering with that map, you can overlay dreadwood and bedford falls so you can see which direction to go to each one.. Is the New Denver and Vacation Island able to be overlays aswell so you can have all of them in one map? I would say TWD prison aswell but it was small enough to just put in any open field really..
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