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  1. After I used italian herbs as spice for a soup I wasn't able to see details anymore (only the main ingredients but no spices and the bonus points).
  2. Oh nice, I will check that out, thanks rittstar!
  3. Hello everyone, at first I apologize for my english there could be some mistakes since it isn't my mothertongue. I'm addicted to this game since about 2 years. Every time there was an update I created a new map to enjoy the full stuff. I would like to make some suggestions about some stuff I've noted so far: *Items: It would be nice if almost every single item could get a function. CD + Battery + Earphones = raise happiness, Basketball and stuff needed for school gym = raise fun and so on. *Generator: Very nice item but its useless when electricity shuts off. It needs too much gas to work. I can't even use it the whole winter. *There are sounds when a zombie bites/scratches you. Today I fell from level 2 of the mall and broke my leg. Different sounds in such cases would be nice. *Recipes: Dear developers... on current save game I survived for over 9 months yet. I just cleared the mall, looked out for 2 hunting cabins and all in all I found 0 hunting/cooking magazines, thats kinda disappointing. I want to make bread doughs and crafting traps! I've found many mouse traps but no bird traps nor traps to catch rabbits. My last chance to find something like that (magazines) is to visit Muldraugh. It would be nice I could stay in West Point though. *Jars: After using an empty jar it doesn't take long until it begins to rod. I don't get the usage yet. At first I thought its like canned food... something like that would be cool. *Jars again: Why the lids dissappears after using them? In an apocalypse I don't care about a lid which was already in use! *Forks/spoons should be necessary to eat from canned stuff and other things *Why can't I sleep on the ground? That would be awesome! Let me get some pains cause my back hurts after a night like that but it would be more realistic. *I never passed out cause I was too tired yet. Is this even possible? *Zombies are waiting for me until I wake up. Thats kind of them. But please: When I'm too stupid to find a save place to sleep I want to get eaten while sleeping if it would have happened. *Animals: Catch a chickens to get eggs, maybe a lonely and surviving cow to get some milk. (Moreover it would be awesome to craft butter). *There is one type of sandwich that doesn't rod. I don't know the name right now. But it should rod too. *There should be a low chance the character get ill although nothing happened. We all do that in real life. *Only male zombies drop axes. Why that?... *Please add some (broken) cars/bicycles as decoration. *I should be able to get a rest in a tent to avoid the rain for example. *After foraging (like 2 skill points) you should be able to find stuff to make a fire on your own. Without using lightfires/matches. *During winter it's still raining. To see some snowflakes would be cool. *Some trees to get food during summer would be nice. Apple trees as example. *I can't fill bottles of red vine with water. That should get changed. *The key system should get fixed a little. Imagine: If I should be that bored to bait zombies from muldraugh to the mall, many of them would have a key for the whole building. That's insane. *Add more spices please. Like peppermint and you should be able to find some in wilderness. *Moreover add more food please. *While farming plants should have a problem with weed you have to remove. *Frozen water during winter would be very nice. So zombies are able to move over the river. *When thunder is going on there should be a lightning strike on a tree or something. Maybe fire is the consequence. /edit: *After moving through trees there should be a chance to get scratched. Well I'm done for now. Hope you are reading this and I still enjoy your game. Have a nice day!
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