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  1. Having fun with my new apocalyptic games!

  2. Steam ID: [AnarchyMod] Unicorn Wizard Name: Cameron Feliciano RP Experiences: I have played a lot of Serious Roleplay, and every now and then I might play a Semi-Serious, but I would like to play a roleplay that is fun, and worth my hours of time that I waste playing games. Technically not really waste, but whatever I guess. Why do you want to join the server: I want to join the server for great role-play, which no doubt this is going to be a great role-play, and to have some fun! How can I contact you?: You can contact me through my Steam account, which I am frequently online. Therefore it won't be a problem. (Just message me) Character Backround (minimum 2 paragraphs): Cam is not a well known man. This 22 year old never had a lot of friends, but was addicted to law abiding, and keeping justice within Kentucky. He would never leave a man behind. Cameron would haveten spend most of his time patrolling. But once the apocalypse broke out, he was forever changed. To this day, he still wears his police uniform, and he swore to never take it off unless if it was an emergency. Cameron started to change a lot during the apocalypse. He is a looter, and most of the time spends his day either running from the undead, killing the undead, or looting. Even though he has changed, he would never, ever hurt an innocent soul. Notes: On weekdays, I am available starting at 2 PM EST time. Weekends, on the other hand, depends. Sometimes I might be online all weekend, and sometimes I may be offline all weekend. I am also trying to fix my LAN server, myself. If anyone could give me some help that'd be great! For anyone who is willing to help, the problem with my LAN server is that whenever my friend tries to join, it says "Connection Failure" or just stays on "Connecting..." for hours on end.
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