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  1. Care to elaborate? Saying "No" is close to useless and you might as well not post at all instead I was going to say, "No, I don't know how it would work." but I had to do something in real life so I just said no and posted it and left.
  2. Holy hell, add this to the game!
  3. Searched up Zombie but I typed it wrong and got zomboid, checked out the website when it was on pre-alpha brought it.. been here every since.
  4. First one to comment on Build 32.4 I'm your biggest fan ;-; Love me. Notice me.
  5. ;-; Build 32.2 secret update? -.- What are your secrets!
  6. Gotta love them RP servers.
  7. PZ Development from Pre-Alpha to Build 31.. you guys are amazing.. keep up the good work. Patience = Quality.
  8. I'm confused are you trying to run a server? Just type in the browser and type admin for username and password for password. Then go to advanced, port forwarding and then put in the PZ Port and your all done after that just run the .bat in the folder. That's what I normally do, if you need help add me on steam and use team viewer I could walk you step by step on how to make a server within 5 minutes.
  9. Server is going to be re-opened and everyone will be un-whitelisted I want a new roleplay world, something that evolves around the players like a 4-6 man group where we try our hardest to survive in a world where event's will happen. If you are interested! PM me on Steam, I will revamp TSRP into a new name and something WAY better! It will no longer be a server where everyone is scattered around everyone will eventually meet up in a roleplay manner and either join the group or start a new one your choice. Other than that let's revamp! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ NEW SERVER STATS HERE! IT WILL OPEN ON 3/25/2015 or 3/18/2015 PREPARE!
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