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  1. If I'm standing there with my rolling pin and someone walks up to me with a shotgun pointed in my direction and tells me to do something, you better believe the next words coming out of my mouth are gonna be "Yes, Sir." I don't really think there should be an aspect of the game that *literally* takes you hostage, but if you value your character's life at all then there will be an actual method in my opinion.
  2. Well, in regard to that, what I was trying to get at is that I don't believe there is such a thing as an average Joe. No one on this planet is 'average' simply because there are no subjects that perfectly equate to what average is in order to draw comparisons. Like, what I mean is that... Well, to be frank, I'm not entirely certain what I mean now. I was thinking a set of rules to follow that sort of gives the suggester something to contemplate. Now I just realize I'm being an idiot, as casting bullets is something significant and advanced, far above what anyone would consider average (as flexible as the term is). I think I have a gist now, sorry to have brought this up at all when a little bit of thinking would have saved me from my own... 'Cleverness'. I also see what you're saying bvhv, thank you for the perspective in that regard. I wasn't thinking. Again, sorry y'all. Maybe a little thought before I open my mouth next time.
  3. Howdy, so, this is my first post... So if I come across as an idiot, please just ignore me and we'll forget this ever happened. Anyhow, I was browsing the suggestions forum and noticing how many different ideas are shot down due to this concept of an 'average Joe'. I propose a new sticky in the Suggestions thread; one that outlines exactly what a character has to be in order to fall in under this label. For instance, the concept of Average Joe makes absolutely no sense to me in the first place. An idea is shot down because an 'average Joe' is incapable of such a thing, well what on earth does that mean? For instance, in order to use a more recent suggestion, I'll use the 'Bullet Casting' proposal, in which a character can utilize the various useless accessories a zombie drops in order to cast their own bullets. It was stated that an average Joe is incapable of this, and therefore should not be included in the game. Now, I'm not criticizing the fact that the idea was not well received, but I'm miffed that such was the primary argument against it. My Grandfather, for instance, was taught by his Uncle at a young age to cast bullets. It was something of a hobby for my great great Uncle, and neither one of them were Einstein, so doesn't that make them Average Joes? Anyways, what I'm trying to say is that we should have some sort of sticky regarding what our character is supposed to be. Instead of submitting an idea that is immediately deemed impossible, let's have guidelines so that you lovely people don't have to deal with answering the same things. To quote syfy, "oh no, not this again "
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