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  1. When can we expect sleeping in multiplayer to be implemented? Also can we expect an option similar to minecraft where if all players on a server are in a bed then the night is skipped? Very eager for this before getting back into multiplayer
  2. Oooh wooden lance, nice! I like that addition, will give fishing more staying power in the late game when rods become scarce/broken. Will the wooden lance's chance to catch fish be improved by the fishing skill like the pole?
  3. Ah damn, I checked the common suggestions and other posts, didn't check the next build... Oh well, guess we were thinking on the same wave lengths . Thanks for that - excited
  4. Hey all This is my first post here, so hello! Finally made an account, been playing PZ since early desura days, but finally had a suggestion that I wanted to share. Basically, during play I noticed that while my character has survived for a few months, killed thousands of zombies, he still panics just as easily at the sight of a zombie, or a horde even. Now, the panic mechanic is fine, great even because it makes sense, but wouldn't you start to feel slightly less intimidated or afraid of oncoming zombies after you've just beaten the skulls in of 3000 or so prior, sometimes taking on 20-30
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