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  1. No luck, unfortunately I was told to delete they Joypads & Lua folders under C:\Users\Username\Zomboid (back it up). So i did, booted up a new game, remote play, but it still didnt work. How recent was the changes to controller-actions in game?
  2. I tried a lot of different saves, including making new ones, ofcourse.. I was playing splitscreen just fine yesterday, and then the next day i suddenly had this problem. I was told in Another thread to reset my controller settings by deleting the file containing the control-scheme (ofcourse backing it up first if that dont work). Ill let yall know what Happens later EDIT: i tried both a ps3 and ps4 controller, both har the same problem. Havent gotten to testing yet, been a bit busy. Will write as soon as ive made progress
  3. Allright, thanks, ill try that later, let you know how It goes
  4. Having the same issue. Tried both big picture, and without.
  5. Having the exact same issue, since today. HAVE tried both in big picture, and without. Have tried with multiple controllers, ps3 and ps4. I even played splitscreen yesterday, and now, today, it gives me the above mentioned issue. I CAN enter a game, and i CAN get the corner menu to pop up, by pressing 'x' on my ps4 controller, but i cant get any further from there. Cant add player 2, cant take over player 1, cant cancel, but i CAN press the arrow buttons to move the selector. When i go to options to test my controller input in the controller tab, everything seems to be wo
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