Work in Progress

I tweeted this pic for #ScreenshotSaturday so I figured I may as well post it here as well.

What are the implications of this? Well, I alluded to what this is for in the discussion I had on Bulletproof Radio last Tuesday (hint: the question the Geordie chap phones in to ask).

And on the subject of “that Geordie chap”, you should definitely check out Ringod123’s awesome play-throughs of PZ on Youtube!

Also, if you like Welsh accents (hint: yes you do), you should also check out this one!

6 Replies to “Work in Progress”

  1. Nice looks like this must be a character’s paper doll “base” which clothing will be layered on top of. He’s got nice trendy pants, , I like.. Not that I’m into looking at men in their pants.

  2. I hope one of the developers is reading this:

    Please release patches in a shorter period of time, doesn’t have to be massive new contet, just release it even if its just 1 new weapon or 1 new npc, that shouldn’t take long time for you, but it actually is a big thing to all of us waiting for updates to play 🙂

    I like the game very much so I hope to see new content soon.

    Greetings from germany

    1. As soon as we are set up with our new distribution system, we’ll be back to frequent updates again. This delay is just a blip and is out of our control to some degree.

  3. Dear Blinky, I love PZ and i would love to be a tester but I have some ideas for the game, you should make it so if you give your wife the right treatment she will stand up and help you, and when you release multiplayer put a LAN option in it so people can play local without having to have internet

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