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Binky’s Top Five Unreleased or Yet to be Fully-Funded Indie Games

Everyone loves lists, yeah? That fad didn’t get old, like, five years ago did it? No-one can accuse me of not having a cutting-edge blog. Anyway, I’ve done enough blog posts where I whinge or rant so I figured it was time for some loveliness. Here are, therefore, the five indie games which...

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Newcastle (and surrounding) Indie Game Devs

Are YOU an indie game developer based in or around Newcastle, UK?

Do you make games, rather than do out-sourced work (if you do both, that’s cool)?
In other words, does a game exist somewhere (or is in development) that would list
you as the developer?

Drop me a line @CaptainBinky, and I’ll add you to this woefully tiny list 😉

PC / Mac / Linux / Console Developers

The Indie Stone
Blue Potion Games
Rich Make Game
Wizkid Coder
  • Twitter: @WizkidCoder
  • Website: None
  • Game: In Development (PC, Mac, Android, IOS, BB10)
  • Location: Newcastle
Richard Munn
Mr. Smashy
  • Twitter: @Nickenstein79
  • Website: None
  • Game: In Development (PC, Mac, Linux)
  • Location: Newcastle


Mobile / Tablet Developers

Mad Pike Studios