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[41.78.16] [Multiplayer] Perk abuse in multiplayer through Last Stand


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Crazy simple, very abusable, feel free to delete the post once noted cause I don't really want to spread this information..

    • Version : 41.78.16
    • Multiplayer
    • Dedicated
    • No mods
    • Existing character (maybe even new)
    • Reproduction steps:
         1. Select "House in The Woods - Last Stand" option in Solo new game. Stop at profession&trait selection.
         2. Go back to main menu (don't close the game) and log in to a server with an existing character.
         3. Recieve free levels in some perks every time you do it.

All anticheats are on and luachecksum is enabled. While I was trying to determine the cause I found a possible explanation in Challenge2.AddPlayer function in media/lua/client/LastStand/Challenge2.lua, hope this can help you somehow!

Attaching client&server logs, server .ini and perkLog

p.s. release 42 plz c.c

26-03-24_19-34-22_DebugLog-server.txt 26-03-24_19-40-00_PerkLog.txt GTXGaming.ini logs.zip

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