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Bard Interactive Music: A Mod to play notes from any instrument on your keyboard (MP support)


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I just released a new mod called Bard Interactive Music, allowing you to play music from your keyboard or with your mouse on a virtual keyboard.


You can right click an instrument and play notes from C2 to C5.

  • It also works on Pianos
  • Zombies will hear you play!
  • Multiplayer is supported
  • Sound volume decreases with distance
  • Electric guitar has a distortion mod you can enable with the lighting in the virtual keyboard window title bar
  • Notes keybinds can be changed from the keybind menu
  • A virtual piano keyboard can be used to play from the mouse
  • Buttons in the title bar can show notes and binds on the virtual keyboard
  • Each instrument has its own animation
  • Each instrument has its own sounds
  • You can trait lock the ability to play with the Trait Lock mod


The mod is released under the MIT license. Checkout the Github.



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I made an additional software called Bard Music Binding to play music from MIDI events and send programmed keyboard keys to the Project Zomboid window. It works both with physical MIDI instruments and MIDI files.


The software is under the MIT license and can be found on Github. It only works on Windows but someone with the motivation could relatively easily make it work on other platforms.


Here's a demo:



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