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[41.78.16] [All] Weight chevron displaying weight gain when weightloss is actually occuring


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• Version?

• Singleplayer/Multiplayer?

• Host or dedicated?

• Mods?

• Old or new save?

• Reproduction steps:

start in debug mode
set character weight to 36
set character calories to 0
open up character info and observe the chevron is indicating weight gain
speed gametime up to 3x
monitor character weight from debug menu. Note that it starts decreasing while the chevron is showing increase after a short wait time.


After testing I managed to confirm the following:

The chevron incorrectly shows an increasing weight trend between character weights 35 to 39.
At weight 36 it appears to show incorrectly between -160 and 0 calories
weight 37 between -120 and 0cal
weight 38 between -80 and 0cal
weight 39 between -40 and 0cal


I've found a weirder thing. Below the stated minimum numbers, weightloss stabilizes. for example:
at weight 39, between -930 and -40 calories, character weight does not change, however between -40 and 0 it drops.
So here I'm left wondering that perhaps the character weight gains and losses are bugged, and the chevron might be showing what was intended?


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