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Server Hosting Troubleshooting: Connection to server was lost as host


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I am hosting a server with quite a few mods. I am running a fresh install of the game and all mods, with a brand new server. I gave it 16GB of ram to help with the large number of mods, and made sure the ports for the server were open on my router just in case. I made sure all the mods I have running are multiplayer compatible.The server initializes just fine, despite taking forever (this is expected with a lot of mods). I can eventually select my spawning location and create my character which goes well until I actually start the game. It sits on a black screen for anywhere between 10 to 15 seconds and then tells me connection to server was lost, click to return to desktop. I need help finding the culprit of this. I attached all logs generated from running the server. It is probably a mod that is incompatible, I know for a fact the map mods are compatible with one another and have been ordered properly because I did testing with just the map mods. If it is a network issue I may have to edit some router settings to fix it. I don't know enough about how these logs are generated to diagnose the issues myself.

25-01-24_11-38-20_DebugLog.txt 25-01-24_11-41-16_DebugLog-server.txt 25-01-24_11-45-12_chat.txt 25-01-24_11-46-41_user.txt

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