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[41.78.16] Multiplayer - Item Picker Does Not Use Correct Zombie Outfit Loot Tables


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This is a bug I discovered when attempting to mod the vanilla game for a multiplayer server. I tested further using ONLY the vanilla game, and the issue persisted, so I suspect it is a vanilla game bug.

In multiplayer, the Item Picker/loot spawning does not work correctly for loot tables that are specific to a zombie outfit when the zombie SPAWNS NATURALLY. Artificially spawned zombies using Horde Manager will use their respective loot tables. In singleplayer, this bug does not appear - loot spawns as intended based on specific zombie outfits.

In the screenshot below, running in MP, I killed about 50 naturally-spawned "Doctor" zombies. Using proximity inventory mod for demonstration purposes, you can see that in the pile of bodies none of the vanilla loot table items for "Oufit_Doctor" (Surgical Gloves, Medical Mask Blue) spawn. However, they ARE spawning items that are added to the "inventorymale" and "inventoryfemale" loot tables (credit cards, vitamins, etc).

If I use "Horde Manager" and spawn 50 "Doctor" zombies, suddenly they drop items using only the "Doctor" loot table (ignore the scissors):



When modding, I found this code works fine in both singleplayer and multiplayer:

table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["all"]["inventorymale"].items, "ITEM_NAME")
table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["all"]["inventorymale"].items, (15))
table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["all"]["inventoryfemale"].items, "ITEM_NAME")
table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["all"]["inventoryfemale"].items, (15))


The LootZed tool indicates the loot tables are updated as correctly, and this is reflected with ITEM_NAME dropping from all zombies in the expected proportions.


However the following code DOES NOT work in multiplayer:

table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["all"]["Outfit_Doctor"].items, "ITEM_NAME")
table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["all"]["Outfit_Doctor"].items, (15))


I have tested this with Outfit_Doctor, Outfit_Nurse, Outfit_Police, Outfit_Fireman, and Outfit_Pharmacist.


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