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How to configure the way an item appears when attached to the back of the player


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I'm creating a mod who simply add a new blade weapon. I found out the "attachment" node in the script and was able to manipulate the way the 3D model appear when dropped on the floor. Like this:

attachment world        {            offset = 0.0000 0.2880 0.0000,            rotate = 0.0000 0.0000 0.0000,        }

My question are:

- What is/is it possible to replace the "world" word to be able to fix the way the blade is attached on the player's back? I want to use the same rotate and offset functions.

- Where can I find the resosurce for all the attachments availables? The wiki doesn't have a page on that, and when you look for "attachment" in pz you only find things about the weapons atatchment,s not this script node.


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