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Make outdoors spaces claimable without touching the "claim non residential" feature


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Hello everyone.


I'm attemping to make my own map, I've read the tutorials about the subject but i dont know just how to make this idea work.


I'm trying to make a piece of land claimable in a server with the "claim non residential" feature disabled, my idea was to create a building with no walls nor floors of the exact number of tiles for that piece of land and it kinda works but I have an issue, I don't want to have the sort of shadow of the inside of the building (image for reference, also I don't know why I have the tiles lost, in the building from the BuildingEd I have all the values for walls an floors set to none) if someone has an idea of how should I do this I'll highly apreciate it, I have heard of map mods that do something like this (make outdoors spaces claimable without touching the "claim non residential" feature)

Sin título.png

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