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☠️ OBLIVION | PvE | EU | 24/7 | COMMUNITY | NEW ☠️


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Welcome to OBLIVION
This is a brand new community server!

50 Slots
Intel i7-4790k - 4.0Ghz


• Skill Recovery Journal
(Save character progress by writing in your journal)
• Safehouses can be claimed anywhere! Stores, Warehouses, Military & more
(Respawns Enabled)
• Hopewell
(Community town that is protected by high walls)
• Brita's Weapons & Armour with heavy balancing!
• Integrated Build Tool
(Create houses & more! For a price...)
• Improved Crafting
• Loot respawns every 24 in-game hours
• Endgame Cure Content
• Map Expansions
• Auto Updates
• 10 Minute Autosaves
• Events (Last Man Standing, Hunger Games, Tournaments, Hoard Waves & More!) 
• Short Nights!

Full Information, Events, Giveaways & More!

Full list of active mods:


We are looking for new & experienced players to join the community! 
Recruiting in-game & Discord staff to help with moderation, events and map design now!



 Server Name: OBLIVION | PvE | EU | 24/7 | COMMUNITY | NEW
 Port: 16294
 Location: EU

                                                                                     OBLIVION MAP


                                                                HOPEWELL SAFEZONE

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