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[NA] [PvP] [24/7] Survivor Stronghold (Vanilla+) | US West | Season 1


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Discord Invite Link:


Welcome to our Project Zomboid server, "Survivor Stronghold" a haven for both new and veteran players seeking a thrilling survival experience! 


Join our small but thriving community and dive into a unique blend of PvP and PvE gameplay. 


Experience a Vanilla+ server that stays true to the game's core essence while enhancing gameplay with carefully selected mods. Immerse yourself in a balanced survival environment where resource management, strategic planning, and cooperation are vital.


Main spawn point areas are regularly reset, if you want to build a safehouse it must be built outside of the spawn areas. Players are removed from safehouse if not logged in for 5 IRL days.


-PvP & PvE
-Safehouses are Loot Proof, protection is lost if not visited in 5 days (IRL days)
-Loot Respawn (48 in-game hours)
-6x reading speed
-2x Exp multiplier


Are you ready to face the undead and carve your path in this unforgiving world? Join our Project Zomboid server now and embark on an unforgettable adventure!


Server Address:
Port: 28500
No password
Make sure you have the "Use Steam Relay" option enabled.

You can also join with our steam link.


Discord Invite Link:


Mod Collection:


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