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Adding a new part to the game's Step Van (update)


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I posted some time ago about me not being able to get any part of my mod to work in game. A removable Back Up Beeper will be added to the game's Step Van, which will make noise when the player puts the van in reverse. You would need a little electrical skill to remove it. I was also planning on giving it a little extra storage, to balance. It is a very big vehicle, after all.


I managed now to get the Back-Up Beeper part to function as a part in the world. It is not in the van yet. I now need to have it be a part that's in the Step Van, which I could not seem to work properly.


Back up beepers on real vehicles seem to be mounted on the underside, out of sight, so I'm not concerned about having a model that appears on the Step Van.


What I'm asking is this: How can I modify the base game's Step Van so that it will include this part, a Back Up Beeper? I have looked at similar mods which have added new cars with new parts, but I wasn't able to figure out the specifics.


If it would help, I have attached below the files in which the Back Up Beeper is defined. If it is necessary, I could send more of what I have currently written. Simply adding "template BackUpBeeper," to the Step Van's script did not seem to work.


I will greatly appreciate any insight that you may be able to offer. Have a good evening.


Thank you for reading,


BackUpBeeper.txt BackUpBeeper_models.txt template_BackUpBeeper.txt

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Hello again,


A small update: the console is repeatedly giving out "ERROR: Template BackUpBeeper not found." I had this issue on the previous iteration of the mod, so it's likely not apart of me adding now the (what I am hoping to be) the code which outlines the BackUpBeeper's place as part of the Step Van.


I ask, if you would, if you could describe this error, and what it means for the mod. Any insight you may have into would benefit me as I try to see the issues here.


Thank you,


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