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Banned or kicked



I have recently gotten banned or kicked from the discord server.  Without notice of infraction or any kind message on why . . I love this game and run 2 servers .  Your matchmaking is very bad and the way steam and the workshop items work together make new players  overwhelmed with the amount of extra things that need to be downloaded to play online . This leads us server owners with having to do heavy  advertising to give the players a different experience and get some traffic  . This in turn leads to  in fighting between servers to get the traffic of players into their own servers . I'm assuming this is the reason i was flagged for maybe spamming  by another server .  I run 2 servers and  advertise individually for both i assume this leads to being perceived as spamming. I try to follow the rules as best as i can . I have taken my time and effort to promote your game . I feel  personally disappointed  at how as a server owner I'm being  thrown out for making your game available to players .   -   LARK 

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