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Water Issue?


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Is anybody familiar with how water works in this game? I tried to build a swimming pool on a 3rd floor in a building by using map editor. Then I checked it in game. Turns out the water just vanished, left everything else on the same tiles. But when I right clicked the water tiles where it's supposed to be, it still got options like drink or clean exactly as normal water tiles would do.

So my question is, are water tiles cannot be built indoors or upper floors? or both?image.thumb.png.308ae507260c43c52ed795fa9e72605f.png1947348396_2023-02-0220_25_31.png.8fb64269ab1e9ca18eae4979b7047d5f.png

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Id have to try this and see if it can be done, but did you save water to the correct layer? Only thing I can think of is that it needs a floor under it. there may be a way to do it. place the water on the map and not on the building. I can try it and let you know it that will work, let me know :)

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