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Welcome to our small and friendly gaming community. Founded in late 2022 by a couple of friends who wanted to play Project Zomboid with some Map mods along with some QoL mods. Thus NuperGaming was born, We have spent some time tweaking the server to add more challenges for the experienced and the novice players. 


The settings are still being tweaked slightly. There is always room from improvement if you have any suggestions feel free to let us know on discord. Some of our current settings are as follows:


  • Max Players: 32 
  • Basic Starting Gear - Lantern, School Backpack, Bottle of water, Baseball Bat
  • Day Length - 2 hours
  • XP - 2.0
  • PvP - Disabled
  • Loot respawn - Weekly
  • Loot - Rare
  • Safehouse - 1 day - Truly Safe
  • Faction Creation - 5 days
  • Nights: Darker
  • Transmission - Bite Only
  • Zombie population - High
  • Expanded Helicopter Events - Enabled
  • GPS Required for Map & mini map
  • Horde Nights - Every 30 days(Will be Tweaked)
  • Free Trait Points - 30
  • Auto restart on mod update
  • Fresh Map 25/11/2022


Some Mods Full List on the link Below:
Maps - 

  1. Bedford Falls
  2. Raven Creek 
  3. Trelai
  4. & many more...


Mods - 

  1. Rv Interior
  2. Basements Mod
  3. Autostar Trailers
  4. Brita Weapons & Armor
  5. Stalker Armor
  6. Horde Nights(Every 30 Days)
  7. Expanded Helicopter Events
  8. Server Points - Lots of Items More being added
  9. & many more...


Full List:


Connection Info - 

Server IP -
Port - 16261


Dont Forget to Join us on Discord! :)




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28/11/2022 Added inside the NuperGaming Mod for easier Install -

  • Added new mod for auto updates and reboots
  • Added Schizophrenia Trait
  • Added Driving Skill
  • Adjusted loot setting Using mod for better customization
  • Added TidyUpMeister Mod
  • Added Car Clamp Mod
  •  Added knock over Zombies Mod
  • Added Better Admin Logs Mod


Additional Mods added to server -

  • Re-Spawn inside car mod & Re-Spawn inside Rv Add-on - Player Suggestion.


Changes -

  • Reduced Sprinters at night to 2%
Edited by NuperGaming
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29/11/2022 -
Updates within the NuperGaming Mod -
- Added More VHS Tapes
- Added Radio Frequency Manager
- Added Keep that Radio ON(LITE)
- Added Udderly Car Respawn
- Added ToeTags 


Changes -
- Modified zombie respawn to every 3 weeks(504 Hours)
- Modified zombie multiplier(0.1)
- Modified zombie redistribute hours to 120 Hours
- Disabled Knock open door(Server Errors)
- Adjusted the zombie rally settings
- Adjusted Arsenal Config for better loot balance


These changes are still being tested. These are to help balance the high zombie population on the server.

Edited by NuperGaming
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30/11/2022 - Updates NuperGaming Mod -

Removed Knock over Zombies Mod - Server Spaming Errors.
 Tweaked slow consumption mod to include the GPS & Lantern - Slower battery drain


Changes -

Removed Factions Safe house Mod
Added Containers to whitelist for destruction.

Game Updates -

 Project Zomboid updated to 41.78.13 


Edited by NuperGaming
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