Modding Rules & Guidelines

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Modding Rules & Guidelines

The Subforums and their purpose
  • Tutorials & Resources: Tutorials and Tools for modding Project Zomboid should be posted here. Please do NOT ask for help in here.
  • MODS: Gameplay Mods that are in a playable state and mostly bug free, but may still have added more features in the future.
    • WIP: Unfinished mods that are being worked on and open to be tested.
    • HELP: If you seek help with modding Project Zomboid this is the right place to ask.
  • ITEMS: All mods that add or alter items.
    • WIP: Unfinished mods that are being worked on and open to be tested.
    • HELP: Ask here if you need help with the scripting functionality of PZ.
  • MAPPING: All mods that add new maps, or alter the existing one.
    • BUILDINGS: Finished .lots belong here.
    • WIP: Unfinished maps / lots that are being worked on.
    • HELP: Ask here if you need help with anything related to mapping.
  • Mod Requests: Do you have an awesome idea waiting to be turned into a mod? This is the right place for you.
  • Pick an useful title for your topic that describes your mod. I suggest using the mods name.
  • Add some tags that describe your mod so that it can be found via the forum-search.
  • You should enter the current version of Project Zomboid in the tags and click "use first tag as prefix". Your topic will appear like this in the list now. It also can be easier found with the forum-search function.
  • Try to describe your mod as close as possible. People won't download it, as long as they don't know what it does.
  • If you can, add some screenshots or even better a video which shows the main features of your mod.
  • Only post content you created or have permission to use (with evidence).
  • Ad revenue links are ONLY allowed if you also provide a direct link to the download.
  • Don't upload mods / tools that have the purpose to damage savegames or make the game unplayable.
  • Don't upload mods that contain racist, hateful, or otherwise objectionable content. Whether the content is "objectionable" is up to the admins.
  • Bumping your own threads is only allowed to advertise a new version, or to share important information, not to constantly appear on top of the list.
  • Don't create threads devoid of content, such as "Something's coming soon"or "I'm going to do this!" Describe your mod and give us something to discuss.
Modding Terms and Conditions

By modding in Project Zomboid, you accept the following:
  • You are allowed to edit the game in any way, providing you do not edit it in such a way that it is either intentionally damaging to people's PCs, or removes the login system and enables people to play the game without purchasing.
  • Indie Stone reserve the right to implement any features in the game irrespective of whether mods exist that accomplish the same goal. While we will respect people's personal creations and always ask for permission and offer credit within the game before intentionally including any code, art or dialogue directly from mods with the core game, we do this out of respect to the authors and are not legally obliged, and general game-play ideas themselves do not apply (although again, we will be responsible when it comes to giving informal credit should ideas be used directly based on mods). We say this only to protect ourselves from the potential for mods to beat us to features we already intended to add and then having the origin of that idea disputed.
  • Unless any arrangements to the contrary have been made, mod creators cannot sell modifications to the game. Likewise, upon allowing us to use a modification in the game you cannot claim entitlement to any past, current or future profits from the game unless this is agreed upon at the time.

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