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READ HERE FIRST! Bug Reporting Guide/Formatting.


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Before posting a duplicate report, please use the search function to see if another member has already posted a topic about the same issue. Duplicating an issue will not speed up the process of fixing it but only clog the system.


If you are having crashing issues, please use the support section of the forum.


If you CANNOT reproduce the issue with NO MODS enabled, it is likely a MOD SPECIFIC issue which we cannot provide support for.


If it is a MAP issue, providing coordinates will save us an extraordinary amount of time.



Map Coordinates: 10627x9657x0

(attach screenshots here)

Where '0' is the level, e.g "0" being ground floor "1" being a floor above etc...


To get these coordinates, open Project Zomboid in debug mode by right clicking it in Steam, selecting "Properties" and typing this in the "General" section:


In-game, while at the location of the issue, right click the ground, select "Teleport" and the coordinates will be displayed.


If a question doesn't apply to you, e.g "Host or dedicated" you may leave it blank or add "N/A".


The general format of your bug report should follow this, and include all of these details. If you have a screenshot and/or video as well it can be incredibly useful.


Please also attach your 'Logs.zip' file, with the report.


Windows Location: Users\YourName\Zomboid\Logs.zip

Linux/Mac Location: Home\Zomboid\Logs.zip


This is the formatting to use for future reports:



   [41.61] [Multiplayer] Invisible zombie.


	• Version?
	• Singleplayer/Multiplayer? 
	• Host or dedicated? 
	• Mods? 
	• Old or new save?
	• Reproduction steps:
	• 41.60
	• Multiplayer.
	• Host.
	• No.
	• Still occurs on new save
	• Reproduction steps:
         1. Start game in Apocalypse mode.
         2. Attack a zombie with frying pan.
         3. Press shift, zombie will become invisible.


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