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Cooking/Hunger Exploit

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Not sure if this one has been mentioned, and i didn't see it in the upcoming patch notes for 41.54.

I have tried this with stews, soups, stir-fries, and roasts. v 41.53



You create a stew, that once fully cooked, has a hunger value of -50.  If you then eat half of that stew straight out of the pot, the hunger value of that pot of stew will drop to -25, and rightly so, but if you take that half pot of stew which now has a hunger value of -25 and pour into two bowls, each bowl will have a hunger value of -25 resulting in a total hunger value of -50.  if you pour that half pot of stew into 4 bowls each bowl will be worth -12.5 again resulting in a total of -50, the original value of the cooked pot of stew.


specifics to my tesing; i cooked all of these on a charcoal bbq, didn't seem to matter what the meal consisted of, but typically the ones i cooked had a variety of vegetables and bird meat.  I have only done this by drinking/eating half of the original stew/soup/stirfry/roast from the pot/frying/roasting pan, i have not tried consuming only a quarter of it nor have i tried it consuming more than half.  my guess would be that this would work with anything that can be cooked then poured into bowls.

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