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Writing Shinking and become unreadable

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I have just instaslled the game (iwillbackupmysave) option and i when creating the game it suddenly changes the text to be unreadable and then i cannot continue the game 

ProjectZombiod Snip.PNG

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Try disabling the multicore rendering option, as that seems to be the cause for corrupting the text textures.

You need to go to "C:\Users\YourUserName\Zomboid" on your computer and edit the "options.ini" file

There, find the "bMultithreadedRendering=true" option and change it to "bMultithreadedRendering=false"
Then save the file and see if that helps.

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Unfortunately, in that case I am not sure why it might suddenly start happening, for some reason the GPU cannot handle the textures anymore, it might have been a recent windows / driver update that might cause that, so other than rolling back the drivers I dont have any other suggestions I could give you.

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