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Chuckleberry Finn

Inconsistencies with some IsoGameCharacter movement related methods

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The IsoGameCharacter methods related to movement seem to be very hit or miss as to which works with IsoPlayer and IsoZombie. I was only working with movement so I don't know if this extends to the whole class.

Some examples:

  • getMoveSpeed() works fine with IsoZombie returning a float which reflects their speed, the float for IsoPlayer is always 0.0599~ regardless if they're sprinting or not.
  • isSprinting()/isRunning() only works for IsoPlayer and not IsoZombie - IsoZombie seems to have their own set of variables related to their running/speed.
  • There is no isWalking() and I couldn't get `IsoGameCharacterj:getVariableBoolean("isWalking")` to work.
  • isMoving() only works for Zombies consistently, as it is actually checking to see if the IsoGameCharacter is moving on a path or not and there doesn't seem to be a point in which its changed to true for player inputted movement.


I don't know if this will help but I ended up copying the underlying math used in getMoveSpeed() and got the correct floats even from IsoPlayers.


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