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Random world generation

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The truth is that I am not a programmer, but currently I don't think anyone is thinking about it, since creating a stable auto-generated map must be quite complicated. The idea is not wonderful, of course, but I imagine that I would have to invest a huge amount of time and I think there are thousands of things to do before, without going any further, the multiplayer mode has been polishing for years and I think that most of the resources they are directed to that subject right now and until it is complete I do not think it is questionable.


La verdad es que no soy programador, pero actualmente no creo que nadie este pensando en ello, ya que crear un mapa autogenerado estable debe ser bastante complicado. No bostante la idea es maravillosa claro, pero me imagino que tendria que invertir una cantidad de tiempo enorme y pienso que hay miles de cosas por hacer antes, sin ir mas lejos el modo multijugador lleva años puliendose y creo que la mayor parte de los recursos van dirigidos ahora mismo a ese tema y hasta que este completo no creo que sea ni cuestionable.


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Almost all of the stuff in that thread above is still relevant.

So, for vanilla no. Not with the amount of work they've put into the map and are still doing up until Louisville and the map is complete. It'd also ruin all the lore and story they've built up and haven't finished yet, with the TV and Radio broadcasts being set in Kentucky if it was all randomly generated. The map's quite large as it is and this is the preview for some of Louisville: 28-suburbs-1024x721.png




I'm not sure about possible in terms of technically possible, but I like to imagine anything is possible. Perhaps someone might come along in the future and create something like this.


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