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Server Crashing and Vehicles Duplicating

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I have been playing on a friends privately hosted server for a couple of days and today we had the helicopter event spawn a horde outside our farmhouse, i took our truck and started running over groups of zombies. After a while i died and the horde subsided but we decided to reset the server as a couple of us were having issues with loading parts of the map. Upon restart we realized that the vehicle i had been using had duplicated several times in the area i had been running down the zombies, including the vehicle status and any loot inside of it. In addition, after about 10 minutes in the server everybody started experiencing trouble loading chunks of the map they hadn't been too and eventually the server just stops, at which point anybody pausing the game to quit to the menu just straight up crashes. This happened several times with the server being restarted, vehicles being duplicated and everybody eventually crashing out. 


It seems to be a very strange bug and we have had to start a new save as our previous one is unplayable. We think it may be because of the amount of zombie corpses in the area causing the game to lag (there are about 300+ corpses in the area), has anybody experienced the same thing or at least, know what happened? 


Also worth noting we are running several mods, namely Hydrocraft, OGRM and OZ Meds among others.

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running mods

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This used to be a bug in the old versions but was fixed if you have the latest version installed.
Other than that, I imagine the amount of mods could definitely mess with the server and the cars duplicating, I cannot tell which mod specifically can cause that, but usually outdated ones or those that change car properties are a good start.

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