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Hello, i would like to throw this idea out here as i have seen only one other post semi-related to it. This game plays great and the dystopian feel is amazing, I believe that this feeling would mix really well with the look of Silent Hill. With that in mind it also helps seeing how large the maps of some mods or even just the base maps get. There are already maps for all of the games released which i think would make things alot easier no?  I'll attach an image of the major towns put together for people/possible modders to view as they wish.


I'm not suggesting to do an over world AND Nightmare world; I'm just thinking with the base tile set and such it would look very nice for the whole of Silent Hill, and be a wonderful map to have available to players. I really really hope someone can pick this project up as Silent Hill is one of my favorite games of all time specifically 1&2 If you haven't played them I highly suggest doing so if possible.


Thanks for reading



-edit From Top to Bottom are 

The whole province of Silent Hill


SH Downpour's map 


SH1 Old Silent Hill map & SH1 Central Silent Hill 


and lastly SH2 town map.


I hope this is enough reference, if not please ask me for more, id be more than willing.







images (1).jpgMap_of_Central_Silent_Hill.jpg



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