Can't see Buildings in TileZed

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Hi everyone, I'm just learning Tilezed Worlded, and need a little push in the right direction here...


So I've got my TEST.png, TEST_veg.png, TEST_ZombieSpawnMap.bmp

- [Started] TileZed, went into WorldEd...

- [Converted] to TMX with no errors


- [Loaded] successfully into WorldED

- [Clicked] cell 0,0 and everything loaded and looks as it did in TileZed

- Added Building, and [Saved] as TEST.pzw


- Went back to Tilezed, [Edit] - [Preferences] - [Zomboid], added the WorldEd Project file I just saved...

- [Closed] TEST_0_0.tmz.... [RE-OPENED] TEST_0_0.tmz


And I am not seeing my buildings in TileZed....  Am I missing something ?



====================== EDIT =========================

So under the [Edit] - [Preferences] - [Zomboid] tab where it states you must close/re-open to see changes... I thought this to mean merely the TMX file.... But it seems to me, that closing and opening via the [FILE] menu doesn't make the changes appear.... Instead, when I close it and restart TileZed completely, the changes (buildings in this case) are visible in TileZed, to allow further editing of the landscape with buildings in place for reference...


Hope this saves someone else some aggravation!!!! 




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Solution (I think)

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