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Server Suddenly Starts Loading Slowly


Hello all, been playing Zomboid for many years, but first time posting here.  Tried looking up my issue and went through the FAQ, but didn't quite find what I needed.  My apologies if this is an easy fix I should have seen.


So, I have played the game for many years, but for the first time I am hosting a game and playing with a friend.  I have just done this by using the 'Host' button on the main screen, choosing my settings (went with pretty much initial infection) and played.  He has been able to join and everything has been fine.  


However, yesterday and today I went to go load up the game to mess around with putting a few mods in.  Now it seems that whenever I try to load the server, it takes a really long time to load up.  Maybe around 3-4 minutes.  It was not doing this before.  I had actually had some of these mods on the first time we tried, and it worked fine, but now it loads so much slower.


I am using the mod that adds cars (not the multiplayer version admittedly, but it seems to work), faster reading, and the one that allows generators to work on gas stations. 


Also keep getting a "server ping@ping" message on the command window.  Not sure if that is normal.  Don't remember it from before, but I may just have not seen it.


I have never hosted a server on this game before, so if anyone has any suggestions, I would be very appreciative!


Thanks so much!

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