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New Dawn RP - New Lore [Whitelisted] [Mod list in post]

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New Dawn - Project Zomboid Roleplay has begun a new lore. 






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Lore Overview

This lore is a pre-apocalypse lore based around science,  the supernatural and a cult. Players can play a secret member of the cult, blending into the town of Ashwood Cove to accomplish a nefarious plan with the goal of pleasing the old gods, or they can play an unsuspecting town member, living their every day life. Work at a store, own a store or be part of any number of jobs. Be part of the actual town and try to uncover the secrets that lay beneath the surface of the town. 


This lore will be full of plot twists, puzzles and secrecy. Player actions and choices will have a lasting effect on the world around them and will directly impact their ability to succeed in their tasks during events. Failure is in fact an option. There are many aspects of the world that are explained throughout the lore. A hint now may make no sense but later on down the road, that cryptic spray paint on the wall may make sense and be a clue to a future event. 


Will the towns people every figure out what is actually happening behind the scenes or will they eventually succumb to the will of the cult that has been operating undetected in the town for so long? 



Server Vars:

Power/Water - Currently on

Zombies - Do not exist.... yet

Zombie Lore - Zombies will be starting off weak but over time the settings will change to make them stronger

Fire Spread - off (its a small map. we dont need the whole play area burning down)
















Map - 

Server utilizes the "All in one Zomboid map pack" but we are currently only utilizing the "New Hamilton" map. The rest of the map has been blocked off but is being used for event areas. 

The player area of the map has also been edited with additional buildings, stores and an ocean water front with a dock. 



We are a good sized community of role-players from around the world. We have players in the US, EU and elsewhere. Our high population times are between 7pm EST and Midnight EST but we tend to have players on to some extent throughout the day. We have a helpful team of admins to assist you through the character creation phase, as well as in game when needed. We are always looking for new admins, but the chances of a new player getting on the team is basically nil. So unless you have been active for a few months, it may not be worth asking. Many times this community may not be PG but the admins will intervene if things go on the blatantly offensive size. Overall, its a good community that welcomes all sorts of people. 


We try to get applications processed within 24 or 48 hours but that also depends on how many applications come in at once, as well as how many changes are needed in an application. 


Server Hardware and other stuff- 

We utilize a fully dedicated server which gives us great server performance, within the limits the game and mods will allow. 

We have a custom logging system that allows us to keep track of everything said in server as well as anything taken or dropped. This means that if you are stolen from in a way not in accordance to the rules, we have your back... or we will find you like Liam Neeson trying to find his family. 




If you have any questions, you can ask here or in our discord, https://discord.gg/Puwj4WK

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