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Franklin's RPG Maker Video Tutorials!

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Welcome to my video tutorial series! Watching videos was how I learned to use the RPG Maker programs. Sometimes reading posts can be confusing without seeing the directions applied. That's what inspired me to make videos for potential RPG Maker users. 


My latest video is How To Create A Boss Battle. It first of the series with me talking on the mic. I feel more comfortable speaking on the mic and hopefully will improve in future videos!


Please tell me what you think I should improve on in future videos! Do you think these videos will be useful for new users? Thanks! 


I don't have a video recorder at the moment. Don't expect any new videos soon. :(


RPG Maker ACE Tutorial-How To Map The House's Interior



RPG Maker VX ACE Tutorial-How To Make A Shop





RPG Maker VX ACE Tutorial-How To Create A Boss Battle


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