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Cannot publish mod to Steam, issue organizing directories

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I have just finished my first zomboid mod, yay! I am attempting to upload it to steam workshop, but once i select it from the list in workshop (where ModTemplate is), I receive several errors. Steam cannot see required mod.info file or the thumbnail.png


I am very confused where to put my mod (if I want to upload it, not install), so I have a copy in C:/User/ProjZomboid and steamapps/common/ProjZomboid. I believe the mod needs to be in the Workshop Folder,  and I have my mod in a folder named "Napalm". My folder structure looks like this:


/Napalm/ Contains = "Contents" Folder Required by steam, mod.info and thumbnail.png for steam workshop,  and a workshop.txt (copied from template) which seems like a duplicate of mod.info.


/Napalm/Contents/ contains a folder called "mods" because steam said I had to call it that. If I place anything else in this folder I get an error.


/Napalm/Contents/mods/ contains a copy of the mod.info, thumbnail, and workshop.txt. I can't tell where they go, so I put them in both places. It also has my "media" folder, 


/Napalm/Contents/mods/media/ has my lua scripts and textures folders.


Could someone share how they layout steam files and the directories within a mod?

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