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Frontend for Server

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Just wondering if there is a frontend application being designed for the server? If NOT, I would like to under take that task personally. Let me know. What I am thinking is just an app that can communicate with the server, send commands, keep current count of the players online and so on. My hopes is to make it easier for people to run the server. Thoughts?

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I would like to know more about you plan to give information to the server.

And how you want to implement it.


As a mod, every user would have to install the mod to be able to join the game.

But without a mod, how insert the information.


Or do you want to implement it in the java-files?


Serverrestart could be also made with a simple batchfile, but t think you will not be free to get/give information from/in the game this way.


It would be nice to get some more information.




But anyways, i think every technical server-admin is interested in tools like this.

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The idea is not really a mod but an application to make running the server easier. Not that its terribly hard right now. My idea is to make an application that will start/stop the server show current user count (if this is possible) and would be able to send any commands to the server like kicking/banning users or changing the server name things like that. I am looking for suggestions as well.

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