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Photoshop swatches for map editing

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I made a set of swatches for Photoshop so that it's easy to get the correct colours for the various elements of any map you're trying to make. Instructions are based on CS3 because I never bothered to update!

  • Download the file and save it somewhere
  • In your Photoshop, ensure swatches are visible from Window -> Swatches
  • Click the little down arrow icon near the close button at the top right of the swatches window and choose "Replace Swatches" (or if you'd rather not replace the ones you already have there, choose "Load Swatches" instead)
  • Navigate to the file you downloaded and select it
  • Once loaded, hover the mouse over each swatch to see what type of map element it represents.

All the colours for both the map and the vegetation map are in there.


If anyone has a more modern version of Photoshop it'd be nice to know if this file works there too.


For everyone using the GIMP, I don't think this file type is compatible. Not 100% on that though.

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