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Last Stand suggestions and "bugs" report

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Hello everyone,
I have just played about 21 waves in Last Stand mode and I have some suggestions.
First of all, the old bud with 1 hidden zombie left (or crawler) has been wiped off, so I am glad that the mode is playable.
1) Remove the new exertion system and replace it with the old one.
After every wave (mid game) I have to stay near the bed to recover my stamina. That's stupid. I have to add, that shooting with a pistol or shotgun makes me totaly exhausted, what is irrational and not fun.
2) Can't use carpentry skills.
While in game, you can't use hammer to build things or destroy anything with a sledgehammer.
3) After some time, you get hungry and thirsty.
This obviously should be removed from this mode, there is no food or water available though.
4) Money is too easy to collect.
I left the game after had become bored with about 5000$. Had no problems to buy anything since some first waves of the game.

5) Add save option after quitting the game!
6) More maps.
7) More permanent bonuses to buy!
Now gaining xp is valuable only for the xp bonus, which has no sense at all.
8) Buying things should be available only between the waves.
It's too easy to buy things when in action. With this addition, the pause time between the waves should be longer - buying things, crafting, building.


9) Make every wave hard to pass, but possible with some creativity.

There should be purpose to build, cut down the trees and combine different skills.

Now you can just run around the house and shoot.


How can you play Last Stand almost forever now? Below.


1) Finish some waves with a melee weapon.
2) Buy a pistol, some rounds and beta blockers and shoot.
3) After you gain some marksmanship points and money, you are invictible with a pistol or shotgun! You just have to rest after every wave.

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