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  1. I do not code, but if the devs would like to set pre-Muldraugh code free then the music of the unachievable features could play Project Zomboid Unleashed!
  2. Yes, yes, you are right, do not interrupt the work. Let's wait until those 3 devs finish their work. Same blah blah blah for years now - maybe not 8 because there was a major game revamp meantime, but a lot of time for sure. The truth is that the NPCs development probably stopped a long time ago at some point because the dev team got distracted with adding MINOR, not widely desired, shiny features (which would be fine for the most players if these were implemented, but people would not starve if there was lack of them). July 15, 2013 "So in short, NPCs have dedicated 100%
  3. Yes, I was thinking about this idea many times. The game is so great that every gameplay could be the inspiration for a good story about an average person's last days. I think that this could really flesh the game out, but only if done properly. I mean that there would have to massive amounts of text - It needs to be done in the non boring, non repetitive way. Actually TIS is on implementing radio and TV broadcasts, which imo will be similiar to hipotetic diary - needs lots of text, so they could say their thoughts on how they see this from the practical perspective. To help VDM (Virtual D
  4. Hello. This is a request for a sandbox option. I would like to gather resources, build a safehouse and test it with a horde. Now I can set a starting zombie population. When I set it to low, it will always be low, so I'll get bored fast. If I set it to insane, I won't have an occasion to build anything. Could you add an option, that I could start a new game with lower population and it would increase over months? I think that would be cool. Cheers.
  5. Hello everyone, I have just played about 21 waves in Last Stand mode and I have some suggestions. First of all, the old bud with 1 hidden zombie left (or crawler) has been wiped off, so I am glad that the mode is playable. Suggestions: 1) Remove the new exertion system and replace it with the old one. After every wave (mid game) I have to stay near the bed to recover my stamina. That's stupid. I have to add, that shooting with a pistol or shotgun makes me totaly exhausted, what is irrational and not fun. 2) Can't use carpentry skills. While in game, you can't use hammer to build things o
  6. Gloves, just gloves no sheets.. a natural choice.
  7. The attempt to view the problem from a newbie perspective The whole deal is about making a strong, positive starting experience for the new players and not giving them too much choice while they don't feel familiar with the game - let's make a great tutorial and the PRE-SURVIVAL STORY! I. General overview PZ starts. You click Start game button. Now the available options are: Learning the ropes (story), Survival (proper game), Last stand and Sandbox. LTR mode has a not highlighted submenu with a bunch of locked presets (people love unlocking things!) - the first would be "The introduction" - a
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