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Found 1 result

  1. I had this idea today about every occupation having it's special trait like "Axe Man" for Lumberjack (...I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay...). Of course some of them will be better than others (compare "Desensitized" to "Night Owl" for example). My ideas would be: Fire Officer - "Fire Training" - Puts out fires quickly and never gets burnt - fire extinguishing would be broken for a while because we can't even do that yet (can we?) but in the future builds... who knows. Police Officer - "Trigger Discipline" - Uses pistols more efficiently than others - would give a bonus to accuracy with pistol, slower pistol deterioration, faster clip reloading. Park Ranger - "Man of the Woods" - Faster and quieter foraging, gets happier after a night in a tent under the stars - would give some happiness and entertainment when sleeping outside in a tent and would also not attract zombies from the entire screen when foraging, 1/2 time needed to forage Construction Worker - "Beast of Burden" - Can carry more than others - carrying all those concrete bags during his/hers would finally pay off. +3 (+4?) main inventory carrying capacity. Carpenter - "Steady Arm" - Uses less nails in construction - i.e. someting needs 6 nails to build for a non-Carpenter but for a Carpenter it drops to 4. If something needs 4 nails it would need 3 etc. etc. etc. Burglar - "Like a Shadow" - Does not trigger burglar alarms, pries windows with ease - less chance to perma-lock a window when prying, would not trigger alarms. Alarms and locks are for honest people, or so they say. Chef - "Blade Confident" - Performs jaw-stabs twice as fast, kitchen knives last much longer - would require half the animation time to jaw-stab, kitchen knife probability to drop condition would be 1 in 15 (hunting knife is 1 in 20) instead of 1 in 2. Repairman - "This Will Hold" - Puts more life in repaired items - +30% flat bonus to possible repair i.e. glue (2 uses) has 10% possible repair for a Baseball Bat. That perk would make it 40%. Farmer - Fisherman - Doctor - Fitness Instructor - "Running Enthusiast" - Does not get tired quickly when running, rests easily - could run for twice (or 2/3) the distance compared to a normal person with the same level of sprinting before getting the "Moderate exertion" moodle, would rest in half the time from exertion moodles. Burger Flipper - I have not figured out the remaining occupations yet. I was thinking of a "Frying pan Maestro" - Faster frying pan swing - for the Burger Flipper, but he gets a bonus to blade accuracy so it would make no sense.
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