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Found 1 result

  1. Since due to a bug in which I had to delete hours of progress instead of being unfairly pissed off at an video game in alpha stage I decided to do something productive and SUGGEST S~~T. 1 RIVAL NPC GANGS Ok I'd say by now we all know that Npcs are on their way even if it takes a year. Since its humans and no matter what there will always be human activity in a zombie infected world some of these people are going to have different ideas on how to run this world. For instance. A group of conservative Christians hole up in West Point's large church (After all it is the South)* while a group of Liberals attending an Amnesty international talk in West Point High School. Only a fool would believe these two very different group of people would get along. If its land claims, Human rights or Gun debates soon these two groups will be at each other like hawks. Maybe your character could join one side or scream F@+K YOU ALL! Maybe other survivors are caught in the middle, alone in an unsafe apartment above an infested street because they match neither of the groups agenda/ criteria. Maybe the playable character could kill the main people of both forts and claim both bases as their own? 2. SIGNS OF PAST RIOTS, MILITARY/POLICE STRUGGLES AND CHAOS If there is one thing at the begining of a z-apocalypse is that the main street of every town in the world would be rioted. Windows smashed, Cars Crashed.
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