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Found 1 result

  1. Hey, so i was wondering if the devs are going to allow replanting and reseeding. What do you mean by? Replanting: By replanting i mean being able to move things like berry bushes, vegetables, things that you can dig up and then place in the ground another place with enough effort. So when you sow your carrots at a stupid place, you'll have the ability to move them inside a safer spot by replanting them inside the wall you just build. Reseeding: By reseeding i mean being able to take seeds from plants, we do it in my family when some food-plants/vegetables are too exepnsive, we just take the seeds out of them and put them in a box, so we can reseed them again next year. This would also open up a use for some rotten food, by rotten i mean potatoes and the like. To plant potatoes you let them rot to a point where new sprouts begins to grow out of them, and then you sow them into the ground, so that they may produce more potatoes. (Also i haven't seen it yet, but cheese shouldn't really be able to rot since we do eat rotten cheese and meat, and let it rot on purpose because it taste better that way, some think so anyway (Not a cheese lover here)) (Sorry but I'm to tired to make seperate topics) also it would be handy if you could: - dry food so it would be non-perishable (So people did in old ages.) - Salting food (same as above) - Canning food and pickling food (There are a lot of easy fast ways to do this (and i know a person made a mod, and i thank that person and i have already suggested it a while back with a fine big pic with a lot of pickled food xD)) - In summer being able to dig a hole, and store food down in it (since the sun only warms the outher layer and therefore it's cold the further down you get, so they don't rot so fast.) And when basements get implemented, being able to store fruits etc. down in the basement (since it's colder down in the basement, and people used to keep food stored there, and still have.) also look up the coolgardie safe (really handy for keeping things cold) Sorry got a bit off track Please leave a comment with what you think.
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