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Found 2 results

  1. I was watching one of Mathas' videos of PZ, and he was suggesting that perfect, water-tight rain barrels should not be available to build at level 0. I agree, but then I thought, why would rain barrels even be necessary? Just drag over a wheely bin and pop the top open. Of course, to balance it, you could make it so that you have a pretty high chance to get sick from the garbage water unless you perform a "clean" interaction that consumes 1 sheet or 1 bath towel, and 1 jug of bleach. Perhaps to balance this out bleach could be made slightly less common.
  2. Craftable Armors Mod CURRENT STATUS: STOPPED (at least until beta version of Zomboid because it depends on too many things and it will be probably broken after few Zomboid updates). Hello, so I decided to make( add to my Recycle mod http://pz-mods.net/gameplay/Recycling/ ) my own armor mod, but sadly I didn't realized there is no support for things like that in Zomboid yet. But as I already started, I will share my thoughts here at least. Who knows, maybe someone know how some HalfSubclass-HalfFuction-AndLittleEvent glitchy hacky dirty way to get my thing done. So here is my ToDo list: add damage absorption to armorsmake local armor protection system (upper part armor effects will be applied only for torso+ arms injuries...)VEEEEEEEEEERY LOW PRIORTY play with helmets and shieldsmake in-game appearance for armors -not really in todo list as there aren't tools for transforming 3d item to interactive item sprite yet and adding it to game, or at least I have no idea about it(I didn't even scouted it yet).I already started exploring zomboid code, but I wrote my last line of code some time ago (it always causes me headache, rainbow vision ,bleeding from ears and dimensional traveling feeling )It will be very long run so every advice is welcome. Here is first idea for armor stats (I'm trying to keep zombies threat even for very strong armors, but it will raise your chances for survival ): So which armor you prefer for your adventures? ARMORS:
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