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Found 1 result

  1. Welcome to the blood flowing from the shadows, Eerie Country is not forgotten. This is a reconstruction of the original project (Eerie project origin.), have taken up this job but while I have not been able to finish mainly by the university and other issues not give me time to devote to the map, but hopefully understand that build a map and itemize is a monumental task so I appreciate very much Zomboid project developers when they add new areas, so this map is still in early stages and is quite large but try to give all possible work. I am using several buildings created community but some I had to modify to fix bugs or errors in construction, even so there are several buildings that I must correct, I hope to help me with reports of such problems to correct these problems, generate map there are some tables that appear on top of others that I can not correct, I think it's a problem of the program. this map do not yet go up to "Workshop", is still under construction so SHALL manually install C:\Users\user\Zomboid\mods You can see a bit of the history of the project on this page but this written in Spanish. Web Here you can have a preview of this beta, thanks to one of the first testings map by Mr. Linfocito. Although I have no plans to add customized to map I imagine it will be something strange with the X2 textures textures, and I can only do pack of textures that look good in previous versions of the game, in any case this option is not ruled out but let it pause so the custom tiles. You can download the first beta map is only a small part of it but the ire extending as you go if you want you can support my work by selecting the first link "is a shortened advertising link," but if you want to access the file directly you too fails direct link without advertising. Now the custom textures are available, just download the mod and activate it with the Eerie Country Map On, the textures only have one definition X1 will look a bit pixelated. Download without advertising (MEGA) Download advertising (MEGA) Eerie Country should have no map, the fear of not knowing where this is the most interesting part of it, then see you in the future to create you a mod that shows a map pieces in the game so will not have it so easy explorers. Temporary map: Any bug not hesitate to warn me remember to take a screenshot of the problem, and make a description of happened, if you have buildings that want to share me to add to the map I would be left in the comments, remember that I need are well detailed to avoid construction bugs which then would have to correct. I leave a greeting survivors. You can support my work in Patreon besides the map I want to dedicate time to new projects, your contributions will be of great importance to improve the quality. Click on the image to access the page. Current progress map of Eerie C.
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