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Found 1 result

  1. Ok, so I was discussing this game with a friend and telling him how I was hoping to fill my insanely large Perma Base with a few survivors (or a lot... would need more housing to avoid discontentment see note 3). Got me thinking on what basic trait NPC "followers" should have or be tagged with. Feel free to comment and add, I'll update this to include suggestions both in the "I deem worthy" and "I'm against it or I don't care category". While we wait for NPC it could be a good way to distract us from such post as "when NPC will be here" and focus on what we actually want out of them (assuming it's not to late). I know this may not be knew, but play along and we could get a list of do and don't do to help our friendly devs. First and foremost You should be able to edict a few rules (see note 1). You should be able to assign role to NPC, idealy based on skills or potential (see note 2). Anything else falls here? Note 1 : Edict rules Maybe those won't be as complex as a pre-apocalypse legal system. But some obvious ones should make their way in : Rationing (both food or other items) Curfew or restriction to go out. This could be targeted against specific roles to allow some but not all out of your base, for the good of all. Basic 10 commendment stuff (not kill, not steal, etc). Anything else? Side effect of note 1 Obviously their may be time where you need to enforce such rules... what will you do then? Will you banish people? Will you simply kill them (or just whip them a few times)? But more importantly, both the rules and the punishment for breaking it should have an impact on NPC (based on his/her psyche in the first place... is it a conformist? an anarchist? etc). Note 2 : Define roles One of the most interesting possibility of having NPC (beside side quest), is having them fill a specific role. Are they guards? Are they farmers tending your community crops? Are they cook? Here the list would be too long for me alone to fill it (beside what I've given here). So I call on the community : What role can NPC have beside being sideshow/side quest? Leader Guard Looter Farmer Cook Builder Note 3 : Behavior modification factor I assume that things like unjust rules/punishement, starvation, cramped living, etc will have an adverse effect on NPC. The opposite should also be true (fair rules, enough to eat, decent living space, etc) will have a positive effect on NPC. I deem worthy and credit is due to... (will insert credit on post number and ref to where it got) Leader - Keshash in this thread Builder - Migoxiss in this thread I'm against or I don't care (may be split into two eventualy) ... (will insert both original post number and reply along with a few word summary) No hype train I don't want post about : when will NPC be there, OMG I wish NPC where there. We all do, and the answer is when it's ready. The point of this post is to tell what we want out of them, not how soon we want them.
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