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Found 1 result

  1. Blackbeard06


    Monroeville has now been released! An area south of Rosewood. This map contains a suburbia, Airport, Military base, Research Lab, City, Farms, and various outside settlements. The map is in a usable state. I plan to add more detail and buildings in the future. If you discover any bugs please report them here or in the Steam work shop page. You may download the map from the Steam workshop here. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=915801691 I've used many community made buildings from the Building Pool V2 which was made from 30 different Artists. I'd love to thank you all for your hard work in making this map possible! Atoxwarrior BeastlyBean Blackbeard06 cmseter dko112 DoctahWong Doublebrain EUDOXIO fluffe9911 GothicGhost grivcin Jela331 kaizokuroof Leolvanov mads232 Mainulainen Neutralnz1 rsdworker Sieben srandiny The googlator Traya Aclus Valindil Veged VikiDikRUS Way2sp00ky Z3759xy IndigoRebel zoeyflower Below is the initial WIP post, you may also reply your bugs here. ~Initial post~ My second map, and currently 10x10 cells. Features a suburb spanning 2 cells, a city, Airport, and various others. Lots of scattered settlements here and there as well. I'm trying to make every single building for the map, so it would be a new experience for everyone and to get some new buildings out there for everyone to use. I am making this with quality in mind and want to make this map very detailed like others. The area I plan to place this would be south of Rosewood, and should roughly be the size of West Point as far as content.. Not sure on the release date, regardless after this map I plan to make a huge map. Like 45x45 cells or more if possible. (inspired by Cardenaglo's bunjil map.) More info on that when this one is finished..
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